• Water-purified materials from shells.

    Shellwrap 10 saves our earth

    - To purify polluted water
    - By using shells
    - An earth-friendly material

ShellWrap10 is:

ShellWrap10, an earth-friendly material, is developed to purify polluted water by using natural shells.

The shells are obtained from the Ariake sea, Saga prefecture, Japan.

You can clean up polluted water by using small amount of ShellWrap10 and mix within 1~2 minutes.

To purify one little of polluted water,
we need only 0.2 mL of liquid ShellWrap10 or 1 g of powder ShellWrap10.

ShellWrap10 can have the same or more cohesive effect on purifying polluted water than current products.
ShellWrap10 is easy and safe to use in various fields.
Please check the video below.

ShellWrap10 Movie:


ShellWrap10 Data:


ShellWrap10 can work at the condition of low-alkalinity.


ShellWrap10 is safer than current products because of not using pH adjuster.


ShellWrap10 can have the same or more cohesive effect than current products.